27 februari 2022

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Film – Yasujirô Ozu

Expat Cinema: Tokyo Story

Ozu's most renowned film chosen by over 350 directors as the best film of all time, restored in mesmerzing 4K resolution

Ozu's most renowned film chosen by over 350 directors as the best film of all time. Shukichi (Chishu Ryu) and Tomi (Chieko Higashiyama) set off on a trip to Tokyo, where two of their grown-up children live. The elderly couple have spent most of their lives in the small coastal town of Onomichi in Hiroshima, and hope their visit will be a memorable experience to cherish for the rest of their lives. However, once they arrive in the bustling metropolis, their eldest son and daughter prioritize maintaining their own lifestyles over spending quality time with their parents. Despite an initially amiable reception, Shukichi and Tomi sense an absence of sincere warmth, which makes them feel unwelcome and disappointed. They cut their stay short and return home. Before long, the son and daughter in Tokyo receive a telegram from their young sister Kyoko (Kyoko Kagawa) in Onomichi, informing them that their mother is critically ill.

  • Land Japan
  • Jaar 1953
  • Duur 136 min
  • Taal spoken language: Japanese, subtitles: English
  • Regie Yasujirô Ozu
  • Acteurs Chishû Ryû, Chieko Higashiyama, Setsuko Hara
Alle leeftijden
  • Tokyo Story st 22 jpg sd low
  • Tokyo Story st 24 jpg sd low
  • Tokyo Story st 23 jpg sd low

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