VR Cinema: Final Frontier

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Discover space in virtual reality! A small step for Schuur, a giant leap for immersive cinema. This part of the VR program takes place in our cinema, where you can enjoy the latest VR in our comfortable seat with our cinematic surround sound.

This program consists of three films:

1st Step - Jörg Courtial - Germany - 16 minutes

It's been over fifty years since the last humans set foot on the moon's surface. In 1st Step, you're next! Experience every sep of space travel, from the launch to the moonlanding to the return on earth. 1st Step uses archive footage, NASA data and ESA experts' advice in order to recreate the journey in an accurate and detailed way. You'll come back to earth with new perspectives.

I Saw the Future - François Vautier - France - 6 minutes

Immerse yourself in the revolutionary visions of Arthur C. Clarke, co-author of 2001: A Space Odyssey. His work as a science fiction author led to many awards and the moniker 'prophet of the space age.' In a 1960 BBC interview Clarke presented his vision of the year 2000, including a sharp prediction of our digital age. This vision forms the base for I Saw the Future, an invitation to let your mind travel.

Aripi - Dmitri Voloshin - Moldova - 8 minutes

A young boy dreams of flying. Years later, his reams appears to have come true when he is circling the earth in a spaceship. However, problems arise and a crash seems inevitable. The childhood dream ends here... or does it? Aripi (meaning 'wings' in Romanian) is a tribute to director Dmitri Voloshin's friend Yuri Boroday, a pilot who is still missing today.

  • Duur 30 min
  • Taal English, no subtitles
  • 1st Step stills 3
  • 1st Step stills 2
  • I Saw The Future stills 4
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  • Aripi Still 3
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