Expat Cinema

Film – Guido van Driel

Expat Cinema: When We Lost to the Germans

A boring summer's day turns unforgettable in this surprising Dutch film.

Summer, 1974. The day after the World Cup final, in which Holland lost to West Germany. The streets are deserted, the city is hungover. Jonas and Daan are nog friends, but do decide to hang out together on this boring day. Both are looking for their classmate Karsten, each having his own reason. Meanwhile, the disappearance of local girl Catootje hangs above them like a dark cloud.

  • Land The Netherlands
  • Duur 86 min
  • Taal Dutch, English subtitles
  • Regie Guido van Driel
  • Acteurs Sanne Vogel, Kylian de Pagter, Rein Hoeke
6 jaar Grof taalgebruik Angst
Toen we van de Duitsers verloren st 2 jpg sd low Photo by Boris Suyderhoud


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