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Expat Cinema: Un Autre Monde

Un Autre Monde offers an unique and intimate glimpse into the affairs of the Lemesle family, in a film about the difficult choices we have to make in life

Philippe Lemesle is watching as his wife leaves him. She’s going because the man she loves has allowed himself to be swallowed up, bit by bit, by the pressure of his job. A senior executive in a US industrial conglomerate, trapped, he no longer knows how to react to the contradictory demands of his superiors. Philippe is reaching breaking point…

  • Land France
  • Jaar 2021
  • Duur 96 min
  • Taal spoken language: French, subtitles: English
  • Regie Stéphane Brizé
  • Acteurs Vincent Lindon, Sandrine Kiberlain, Anthony Bajon
Grof taalgebruik Alle leeftijden
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  • Un Autre Monde st 3 jpg sd low
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