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Film – Felix van Groeningen, Charlotte Vandermeersch

Expat Cinema: The Eight Mountains

Enduring friendship and stunning landscapes, based on the best-selling novel by Paolo Cognetti.

Belgian directors Felix van Groeningen (The Broken Circle Breakdown, Beautiful Boy) and Charlotte Vandermeersch collaborate on this stunning adaptation of Paolo Cognetti's best-selling novel. Pietro was raised in Turin, but when his family start spending their summers in the mountains he befriends local boy Bruno. Theirs is a friendships with ups and downs that will last for decades. On the hunt for happiness, Pietro travels the world while Bruno stays put on his mountain. Despite their very different lives, their friendship appears to be indestructable. The Eight Mountains is a reflective film about love, loneliness, support, family and the love of a place.

  • Land Italy, Belgium, France
  • Duur 147 min
  • Taal Italian, English subtitles
  • Regie Felix van Groeningen, Charlotte Vandermeersch
  • Acteurs Luca Marinelli, Allessandro Borghi, Filippo Timi, Elena Lieti, Elisabetta Mazzullo, Surakzhya Panta, Gualtiero Burzi, Elisa Zanotto
12 jaar Grof taalgebruik Roken, alcohol en drugs
  • De Acht Bergen st 1 jpg sd low
  • De Acht Bergen st 3 jpg sd low


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