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Film – Bertrand Bonello

Expat Cinema: The Beast

Léa Seydoux plays a whopping three roles in this tale of humanity’s struggle against dissociative identity and emotionless existence.

The year is 2044: artificial intelligence controls all facets of a stoic society as humans routinely 'erase' their feelings. Hoping to eliminate pain caused by their past-life romances, Gabrielle continually falls in love with different incarnations of Louis). Set first in Belle Époque-era Paris Louis is a British man who woos her away from a cold husband, then in early 21st Century Los Angeles, he is a disturbed American bent on delivering violent 'retribution.' Will the process allow Gabrielle to fully connect with Louis in the present, or are the two doomed to repeat their previous fates?

  • Land France, Canada
  • Jaar 2023
  • Duur 146 min
  • Taal French and English, English subtitles
  • Regie Bertrand Bonello
  • Acteurs Léa Seydoux, George Mackay
  • The Beast st 7 jpg sd low Carole Bethuel
  • The Beast st 1 jpg sd low Carole Bethuel
  • The Beast st 3 jpg sd low Carole Bethuel


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