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Film – Ena Sendijarevic

Expat Cinema: Sweet Dreams

This Dutch film is already a big hit at the international festivals.

On a remote Indonesian island in the late days of colonialism, sugar manufacturer Jan suddenly dies right in front of his wife Agathe. Their estranged son Cornelis and his pregnant wife Josefien come over from Holland to take over the sugar company. Upsettingly for everyone, Jan's concubine Siti appears to be one of his heirs. In the midst of a workers' uprising, a chase commences. It's a struggle from which no one will emerge unscathed.

  • Land The Netherlands
  • Duur 103 min
  • Taal Dutch and Bahasa, English subtitles
  • Regie Ena Sendijarevic
  • Acteurs Renée Soutendijk, Florian Myjer, Lisa Zweerman, Hans Dagelet, Hayati Azis, Peter Faber, Rio den Haas, Muhammad Khan
14 jaar Grof taalgebruik Roken, alcohol en drugs
Sweet Dreams st 1 jpg sd low


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