Expat Cinema

Documentaire – Margreth Olin

Expat Cinema: Songs of Earth

A personal and loving tribute to Norway's majestic landscapes.

Bright blue glaciers, resounding waterfalls and leafy green trees set the breathtaking stage for nature documentary Songs of Earth, in which director Margreth Olin returns to the Oldedalen valley in Norway, where she was born and spent her youth. The film is as much a tribute to Norway's nature as to her parents, who are still deeply in love with each other and with their environment. Olin's father Jørgen leads us across the valley, sharing stories that are rotted across generations. Olin's film is grand and spectacular, yet also intimate and serene.

  • Land Norway
  • Jaar 2023
  • Duur 90 min
  • Taal Norwegian, with English subtitles
  • Regie Margreth Olin
9 jaar Angst
  • Songs of Earth st 3 jpg sd low
  • Songs of Earth st 4 jpg sd low


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