Expat Cinema

Film – Christian Mungiu

Expat Cinema: R.M.N.

A small Romanian village is tested by tensions while newcomers arrive

Just before Christmas Matthias quits his job in Germany in order to return to his home village in Transsylvania. He is determined to become more involved in the raising of his son Rudi and to reconnect with his ex-lover Csilla. When back home, the formerly peaceful village is disturbed by the arrival of foreign labourers. it doesn't take long before fears, frustrations and conflicts burst through the village's thin layer of civilization.

  • Land Romania
  • Jaar 2022
  • Duur 127 min
  • Taal Romanian, English subtitles
  • Regie Christian Mungiu
  • Acteurs Judith State, Marin Grigore
12 jaar Discriminatie Grof taalgebruik Roken, alcohol en drugs
  • R M N st 3 jpg sd low
  • R M N st 5 jpg sd low
  • R M N st 4 jpg sd low


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