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Film – Hayakawa Chie

Expat Cinema: Plan 75

Japan offers its senior citizens a very clear choice between life and death in this sci-fi film.

With a nod to the fabled Japanese practice of oyasute, which itself was rooted in Buddhist teachings, this film conjures a mythical modern Japan where an aging society has devised a plan to re-balance itself economically by informing its citizens older than seventy-five of the option of euthanasia. A 78-year-old woman faces the question of whether she should carry on or seemingly serve her society through self-sacrifice.

  • Land Japan
  • Jaar 2022
  • Duur 112 min
  • Taal Japanese and Tagalog, English subtitles
  • Regie Hayakawa Chie
  • Acteurs Isomura Hayato, Baisho Chieko, Yuumi Kawai
12 jaar Discriminatie
  • Plan 75 st 1 jpg sd low
  • Plan 75 st 3 jpg sd low


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