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Expat Cinema

Film – Jean-Christophe Meurisse

Expat Cinema: Les pistolets en plastique

Absurdist French comedy about the ongoing search for a killer on the loose.

Agent Zavatta is considered the best detective around. When he appears to recognise a killer on the loose at an airport, the authorities do not doubt his instincts. Immediately after landing in Copenhagen the man is arrested. Everyone he is convinced he is Paul Bernardin, a man who years ago murdered his wife and three children and has been on the run ever since. While Danish police interrogate him thoroughly, amateur sleuths Léa and Christine conduct their own investigation. They are determined to prove that this man, who claims to be innocent, is indeed the killer they are looking for. Their attempts to get him behind bar might get a little out of hand...

This film is loosely based on the disappearance of Xavier Dupont de Ligonnés, suspected of murdering his wife and their children. He still hasn't been found.

  • Land France
  • Jaar 2024
  • Duur 95 min
  • Taal French, with English subtitles
  • Regie Jean-Christophe Meurisse
  • Acteurs Laurent Stocker, Delphine Baril, Charlotte Laemmel, Anthony Paliotti, Gaëtan Peau
16 jaar Geweld Grof taalgebruik
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