Expat Cinema: Le Meraviglie

Coming of age during a Tuscan summer from the director of Lazzaro Felice and La Chimera.

An Italian family of beekeepers lives a remote life in the Tuscan countryside. Life is hard on German father Wolfgang, who aims to continue ancient beekeeping traditions while local government keeps imposing more and more regulations to the honey. His eldest daughter Gelsomina is determined to help her father, but she's also a growing woman who is getting to know the temptations that earth and heaven have to offer. The tensions culminate once a film crew arrives to film a tv show about 'the miracles of the country.'

Enjoyed La Chimera and Lazzaro Felice? Don't miss out on Le Meraviglie! With her second feature film director Alice Rohrwacher presents her unique view on Italy and on growing up in a country that cares more about its traditions than its future.

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