Expat Cinema

Documentaire – Suzanne Raes

Expat Cinema: Dicht bij Vermeer

Up close and personal with Vermeer's works, ahead of the huge Rijksmuseum exposition.

Documentarian Suzanne Raes offers a one of a kind insight into the Vermeer exhibition at Amsterdam's Rijksmusem, the most complete one yet. She follow curators and others expert in their mission to create a new, more detailed image of the mysterious Dutch painter. Because even though his works are beyond famous, we know hardly anything about the artist himself.

This fascinating film shows the diplomatic efforts to bring Vermeer's paintings back home to The Netherlands. The are analysed, layer by layer, to often shocking conclusions. Above all, Dicht bij Vermeer portrays the great affection many bring to realising this exhibition.

  • Land The Netherlands
  • Jaar 2023
  • Duur 79 min
  • Taal Dutch, English subtitles
  • Regie Suzanne Raes
Alle leeftijden
  • Dicht bij Vermeer st 1 jpg sd low
  • Dicht bij Vermeer st 12 jpg sd low


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