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Film – Hirokazu Koreeda

Expat Cinema: Broker

The stunning new film from the director of Shoplifters

Sang-hyeon and Dong-soo earn their living through stealing abandoned babies, and subsequently offering them up for adoption. When mother So-young comes to reclaim her baby she discovers the two men and their illegal business. Overwhelmed by feelings of both motherhood and despair, she decides to help them find the perfect parents for her child. Meanwhile, they are chased by two police inspectors.

  • Land South Korea
  • Jaar 2022
  • Duur 129 min
  • Taal Korean, English subtitles
  • Regie Hirokazu Koreeda
  • Acteurs Song Kang-ho, Dong-won Gang
  • Broker st 5 jpg sd low
  • Broker st 3 jpg sd low


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