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Expat Cinema: Avec amour et acharnement

Juliette Binoche and Vincent Lindon star in this ravishing romantic drama.

Sara (Juliette Binoche) and Jean (Vincent Lindon) are in love and have been living together for a few years. Their love is what makes them feel happy and strong. They have an absolute trust in and still feel desire for one another. One morning Sara runs into her former lover François (Grégoire Colin), the man who introduced her to Jean and who she left in order to be with him. Even though he does not see her, she is overwhelmed by the idea of her life changing abruptly. Meanwhile, François suggests that he and Jean start collaborting again. Before long, the three of them lose their grip on the situation.

Claire Denis' engrossing story of a love triangle was awarded the Silver Bear at the Berlin film festival.

  • Land France
  • Jaar 2022
  • Duur 116 min
  • Taal French
  • Regie Claire Denis
  • Acteurs Juliette Binoche, Vincent Lindon
12 jaar Geweld Grof taalgebruik Seks
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  • Avec amour et acharnement st 2 jpg sd low 1


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