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2021 januari 2023

Boring Festival

Boring is a new music, theater, and art festival inside unique Haarlem spaces, that takes place on January 20 & 21, 2023 in the citycentre of Haarlem. Schuur is one of the location where the festivities take place. Do you want to see the complete program? Check the Boring festival website.

Boring features an inter­dis­ci­pli­nary program brought to you by artists who challenge the status quo. No white cubes, no seated shows, no regular stage performances. 

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All venues are within a 10-minute walk of the festival’s heart (Vishal), and within 15 minutes of each another. When arriving at De Vishal at Grote Markt in Haarlem, staff will welcome you. Once they have scanned the ticket on your phone, you will get a wristband that grants you access to all Boring venues. 


There are four types of tickets available: 

Solo weekend ticket36 Full Access Tickets granting you access to all Boring locations January 20 & 21, 2023.

Duo weekend ticket52 Full access ticket for two people at Friday and Saturday.

Solo day ticket26 Full Access Tickets granting you access to all Boring locations on either the 20th or 21th of January, 2023.

Duo day ticket37 Full access ticket for two people choose between Friday or Saturday.

Leonel Piccardo

Leonel Piccardo is a Photo­grapher and Afro-Surrealist artist from the Dominican Republic based in the Netherlands. You can see his work during Boring festival in the Schuur. 

Piccardo creates artwork that explores themes of self-exploration using his afro-identity and experiences as a catalyst for his imaginary worlds. As of 2021 Piccardo became known as GlitchOf­Mind in the NFT community and his work has been exhibited in STRA­TO­SP­HERE, Beijing 2021, Bringing Worlds, LA, USA 2021, Sonsbeek x The Black­Ar­chives 2021, OBA Amsterdam Zwarte Beweging, and others. 

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Vr 20 jan

19:30 DJ
Boring festival

Za 21 jan

How 2 prepare 4 love
20:30 Interdisciplinair
Boring festival
Club Transmission
21:00 DJ
Boring festival
22:00 Theater
Boring festival
JÓ RMA by Ruby Cryuden 3